Modular Data Center Solutions

Data Center Capability Anywhere

Rittal presents the all-in-one solution for edge applications, or anywhere you need a remote, compact data center. Multiple design offerings allow complete scalability. In a fully contained package, Rittal modular data center features:

  • One or two rack configurations with low and medium density cooling options
  • Ideal for remote locations and uncontrolled environments
  • Remote monitoring of power and enclosure conditions
  • Easily scalable, complete infrastructure solution
  • LCP DX for up to 12 kW cooling load, Blue e+ air conditioner up to 5.8 kW
  • Open loop for room conditioning, closed loop for in-rack cooling
  • In-rack fire suppression optional

For ultimate flexibility, Rittal modular solution is ideal for use in areas where a full-sized data center isn’t practical: remote or branch offices, when data must be managed locally, for content being pushed to the cloud, or when bandwidth issues exist.

Reference Designs Simplify Specification

When considering Edge cooling solutions, product complexity can be overwhelming. Rittal has simplified the research and specification process by providing reference designs for relevant cooling solutions. You can access cooling designs for high efficiency Blue e+ and LCP climate control solutions.

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LCP DX Reference Designs
Blue e+ Reference Designs
LCP DX Reference Designs

Edge Reference Designs: LCP DX Configurations

System EquipmentOpen loopClosed Loop
TS IT Enclosure(s) with Cable Management, Baying Hardware, Sidewalls1212
Enclosure Dimensions42U/78.7"H x 32"W x 48"D
Overall Row Width44"W76"W44"W76"W
Cooling System1 LCP DX close-coupled unit,
1 external condenser
Cooling Capacity of System3-12kW
Paint ColorRAL 9005 (Black)
Monitored PDUs with Mounting Brackets2 per TS IT enclosure
Enclosure Light with Motion Detector1 per TS IT enclosure
CMC III Environmental MonitoringOptional
Base PlinthOptional
Auto Door Opening KitNAOptional
Fire SuppressionNAOptional
Start-up Service*Included

*Estimated Rittal start-up cost including travel - will vary per application.  Installation of the condenser, piping, and electrical are to be completed by a licensed 3rd party.

Blue e+ Reference Designs

Edge Reference Designs: TS IT Enclosure with Blue e+

System Equipment2.6kW Solution5.8kW Solution
TS IT Enclosure with Sidewalls and Cable Management42U/78.7"H x 24"W x 40.3"D42U/78.7"H x 32"W x 40.3"D
Overall Dimensions - TS IT Enclosure with Blue e+ Installed42U/78.7"H x 35.5"W x 40.3"D42U/78.7"H x 47.2"W x 40.3"D
Cooling System(1) Blue e+ mounted on enclosure
Cooling Capacity2.6kW (Max)5.8kW (Max)
Paint ColorRAL 7035 (Light Gray)
Monitored PDUs and Mounting Brackets2
Enclosure Roof Type3-Part Multi-functionalSolid
(NEMA 12)
3-Part Multi-functionalSolid
(NEMA 12)
Enclosure Light with Motion DetectorIncluded
CMC III Environmental MonitoringOptional
Access System with Pin PadOptional
Base PlinthOptional